Our Story

Cape Cod Nauset Beach

 Ocean, Beach, & Dog Inspired Apparel 

Sublime Vizions is about seeing life through a positive perspective. Our clothing and causes we support reflect such good vibes and mindset. Our products are made in New England.

Mission – Create less negative energy in the world and support sublime causes during the ride. 

SV came to fruition through personal experience. The beach, ocean, sun, nature, music, art, dogs, wild/marine life are all positive memories.  Growing up on the beach, there was always a fascination of everything that Mother Ocean washed up, shells, rocks, driftwood etc. Waves and sunsets are never the same, a unique experience every time!


Dog’s are special in so many ways, the love of and for dogs needs no explanation!


Music has so many powers to heal and bring people together, especially live music provides that unique intimate experience. "One Good Thing About Music, When It Hits You Feel No Pain"  Bob Marley

The Mind Behind

To get a proper and candid understanding there is a need to give some transparency that has been kept pretty private besides close family and friends until the formation of Sublime Vizions.

Sublime Vizions was actually created from a hospital bed. The need for positive perspective was really harnessed from almost three non-consecutive years of life spent with doctors and  nurses in a hospital bed for months at a time starting at the age of 21 until mid 30's faced with Crohn's and Cancer.

As a collegiate athlete, this was extremely challenging. Perseverance and keeping a positive attitude during times of adversity is not easy but necessary to overcome such challenges that we are faced with.  This willed the strength to fight through and overcome these challenges and be a survivor. This is the positive perspective people need in everyday life.

Our clothing and causes we support are ways to remind you to enjoy every day the sun rises and help others.  People that live only for themselves have no higher purpose in their lives.  

"Once in a while you get shown the light, In the strangest of places if you look at it right" Grateful Dead

Sublime Vizions does not fit into a box:

Our philosophy is very simple, if you make cool sh*t, people will want to wear it and if you support good causes, people can get behind that.

We aren’t perfect and neither are you but we all have the ability to bring a smile to someone’s face.